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The 100Tables App. 100 restaurants in 100 cities worldwide

The reason we created One Hundred Tables was to pull together a solid short-list of 100 great places to eat out. When you use something like Yelp, you’re forced to look at thousands of places, many of which are either not relevant to what you want or not good. Then you have to filter by reviews to figure out what’s what.

One One Hundred Tables we cut to the chase creating a uniquely curated collection of just 100 great places in each city (100 places in 100 different cities). From dive bars to five stars they’re all good at what they offer.

You can now download app which we call “100Tables”.

The app is free and is perfect for travelers and foodies who simply want to have a reliable list of great places to eat out.

Go download it today on the Apple App Store and give it a nice rating if you like the experience.



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